Fast fashion as we all know has major implications on the environment and people. The KnowFast app targets fashion loving females between the ages of
18–25 to inform them to make more sustainable choices when purchases clothes.

With research I found that many females within this age range would love to buy more sustainably but many of them had no idea how they could – from not knowing what materials are actually sustainable to thinking sustainable means expensive.​​​​​​​
The KnowFast app is about having knowledge at your finger tips fast. The app allows you to scan or search a clothing item you love to not only find the sustainablity rating of the garment but to then find better alternatives.

The app does all the difficult research for the consumer – encouraging them to make a better more sustainable choice in what to buy easily.
As well as the app, I produced promotional material. Not only will it promote the app but it will  boycott fast fashion brands and help a consumer make a conscience choice when shopping.
The campaign like promotional material allows activists against fast fashion to sticker, hang and tape up brands who participate in wrongdoings.
Mockups show how the material could work as part of a bigger campaign against fast fashion.

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